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Little Hands is an experienced group of therapists who offer Occupational Therapy and Speech / Language Therapy Services to children of all ages; from birth to the teenage years. Our clinic is located in Corte Madera and serves Marin County and the greater Bay Area.

  • Occupational Therapy Evaluation and Treatment Sessions
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Self-Regulation Groups
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Co-Treatment with Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Speech & Language Therapy
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Thank you for being kind, gracious and patient with us. I have seen how much your therapists have helped our child navigate his day-to-day life and have been able to build tools for him as he journeys through his young life. He loves his sessions at Little Hands. Seeing the grace with which you and your team have handled and the continued care you have demonstrated with us parents, I can only imagine and appreciate the kindness with which you work with our kids. Thank you.

Father of a 9 Year Old

I have worked with Marin and SF Bay Area children for over 30 years and the Little Hands staff have remained a reliable source for high-quality, caring, and compassionate therapists who provide more than just occupational therapy. They help families learn about their children’s unique needs and help children develop skills to become more aware of their bodies and special needs. They even provide outreach and consult in schools as needed. I always highly recommend this group when making referrals for occupational therapy.

Tina Gabby, MD
Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics

Little Hands has been our saving grace! Our son was exhibiting issues with self-control and behavior problems after starting Kindergarten. Our perception of OT was that it was for kids who needed assistance with eye-hand coordination and those who were developmentally delayed, neither of which were issues for our son. Not fully understanding how OT could help, we committed to hour sessions once a week and even attended the summer camp. It is now one year later and he is no longer displaying any of the negative behavioral issues at school. I don't get weekly phone calls or emails anymore about his behavior and we can not believe it!

Parent of Adolescent Boy (Marin)

As a Child Development Behavioral Specialist it is critical that I refer my clients to outstanding professionals In the Bay Area, Little Hands OT has become one of my primary referral sources. Their greatest gift comes in the area of direct service to children. Their thoughtful , individualized and kind approach enables the most sensitive of children to feel safe, take risks and make significant progress.

Diane Provo, M.S. Ed.

Thank you SO much Little Hands for all your support and guidance. What started out as a rocky, scary road turned into an amazing journey in which we witnessed Our son blossom in so many ways. We know he has benefited tremendously from his sessions, and we have benefited as parents. We are so grateful for your patience, flexibility, and responsiveness to his needs. We are so grateful that he has done so well in school and at home and will never forget how you helped make that happen!

Family of 8 Year Old Boy (Marin)

Little Hands delivered on your expectations of making significant improvements in 6 months of therapy - because our son has significantly improved. We’d like to thank you and your staff, particularly Patricia, for the job well done.

We believe our child now has the tools he needs to be successful - thanks to Little Hands OT!

At one point we discussed getting our son evaluated by a behavioral and developmental pediatrician - but that’s clearly no longer necessary...

Parent of Adolescent Boy (Marin)

Our son Matthew has benefited greatly from the trustworthy, loving and kind support. He had never been to an OT before so I wasn’t sure what to expect but the team was warm, informative and quite knowledgeable. They were able to pin-point his problems and put into place a therapy that, in this short period of time, has made a tremendous difference in how our son learns, listens and behaves. The team has given him, and us, the confidence that our son will be able to use to handle his issues throughout his life. Thanks Little Hands!

Parent of 8-Year-Old Boy (Ross)

My little guy has been working with Kellie, Caitlin, Leshelle and Gabi for well over a year now. It's such a gift to have the knowledge and guidance of these brilliant women. They have exceeded our expectations of providing quality Speech and OT therapy to our son. They have given him love and empowerment to be himself. They have a passion for their practice and the children they're guiding.

Parent of Adolescent Boy (Mill Valley)

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  • Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation
  • California Board of Occupational Therapy
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  • The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.
  • American Speech-Language Hearing Association

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Our camps are conveniently organized by month (June & July). Reach out to Emily, our camp coordinator, with any questions.

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